Kids poncho by Palais de l’eau

Our 100% organic cotton kids poncho is super soft and delightfully warm. A cosy embrace after a plunge in the pool or a nice shower!


baby badhanddoek

The kids poncho

Keep your baby warm, safe and dry after a bath, shower or a plunge in the pool with the Palais de l’eau kids poncho. The kids poncho feels like a warm embrace. In the neck, a nifty push-button can be found so you can easily slip the swim poncho over your child’s head. These push-buttons are also located under the arms so the beach poncho fits snug as a bug! Only fun and love. Happy bathing!


A sustainable choice

How fast they grow! Before you know it, your toddler has turned into a preschool child. Fortunately, our kids poncho is a sustainable choice, because it will last for years! At 18 months the beach poncho will reach your little one’s ankles and at five years old to his/her knees. This means you can enjoy the swim poncho for 3.5 years. Furthermore, the organic cotton poncho isn’t only useful in the bathroom. The child poncho is also great at the beach or at the swimming pool to keep your children warm and to protect them from the sun.


baby handdoek

Super soft

Made from the softest materials.

peuter cape

100% organic

Good for the planet, good for your child.

baby washandjes illustratie

Easy to use

Make every water moment special.

Our kids poncho is made by hand in Portugal

We are extremely happy with our Portuguese fabrics producer as their way of producing is totally aligned with Palais de l’eau’s ideals. The required water is filtered and reused and the used energy is generated by solar panels. We want to produce our collection, such as the kids poncho, in a way that we leave behind a clean world for the next generation. This is why we set the bar so high. We use organic cotton for all our products and we, in 2020, introduced a collection for which we recycled pre-loved jeans in combination with Tencel to create unique yarns. The most sustainable child poncho (from the recycled denim collection) is the result. In this way, we leave footsteps in the sand, not on our planet!


100% Certified

The kids poncho by Palais de l’eau is GOTS certified. This signifies that our organic cotton meets the standards set by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton as a material has many advantages. It isn’t only softer but also free of chemicals and produced in a sustainable way. But the certificate stands for more than a sustainable production chain. Your entire production chain must also be fair, which means that it is free from child labor, discrimination, excessive working hours and is safe. In this way, we guarantee that the kids poncho is really responsible.


An ideal present for yourself (or somebody else)!

Palais de l’eau loves providing fun and relaxed water moments, simply so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Do you remember what it was like to run out of the sea and be wrapped in a dry towel by your parents? With goosebumps still on your legs but so happy because of this warm embrace…

Recognisable? 😉 Our kids poncho is meant for this moment, a loving hug after a plunge or a shower, and thus a very good gift. For your own children or for someone else. Not only because this swim poncho is so big, looks great and feels soft, but also because the beach poncho is very practical and durable. And because the child poncho simply makes your day with your little one a little bit more fun. It comes in one size: buy it for a 1, 2, or 3-year-old and enjoy it until they grow out of it at the age of 5.

We have released the kids poncho in multiple editions so that there is something to want for everyone. Check the seven colors now to find something for yourself or as a gift for someone else!


Push-buttons, why are they so practical?

peuter poncho voor bedrijven

Using your kids poncho, it’s childs play!

  • The push-button in the neck ensures you can easily slip the swim poncho over your child’s head. A lot of ponchos are very narrow at the part where the head goes through in order to keep your kids neck dry and warm. However, this also means a lot of lugging and tugging when trying to get in and out of these ponchos. With our button, you can easily put the kids poncho over your childs head whilst at the same time making sure that it perfectly fits at the neck when the button is pressed shut.
  • The push-buttons located under the arms help you make the beach poncho fit like a sweater. Press these buttons shut and let your kid jump on the bed or run around at the beach. Your child will be happy as can be in their poncho!

A 100% free kids poncho?

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