Toddler Cape White

This is our super soft toddler cape. After a bath, a shower or a dip in the pool this kids poncho feels like a loving embrace. The push button in the neck ensures that you can easily get the child poncho over your child’s head and because of the push button under the arms it fits warm around your toddler. Handmade in Portugal from 100% organic cotton and very sustainable to use as it will last for years. At 18 months, the swim poncho reaches to the ankles of your little one and at five years it touches your toddler’s knees.
Happy bathing!


Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Size: one size | toddler 1.5 to 5 years
Dimension: 72 x 55 cm
Colour: white | white waves


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The kids poncho by Palais de l’eau is handmade in Portugal from organic cotton. We are very happy with our Portuguese fabrics producer as their way of producing is totally aligned with Palais de l’eau’s ideals and thus our organic cotton is GOTS certified. Organic cotton as a material has many advantages. It isn’t only softer but also free of chemicals and produced in a sustainable way. But the certificate stands for more than a sustainable production chain. Your entire production chain must also be fair, which means that it is free from child labor, discrimination, excessive working hours and is safe. In this way, we guarantee that the Toddler Cape is 100% responsible and sustainable.

Using your kids poncho, it’s childs play!

  • The push-button in the neck ensures you can easily slip the swim poncho over your child’s head. When drawing the design for the poncho we kept in mind the hassle we experienced as parents pulling poncho’s over our kids head. For Palais de l’eau we choose a push button that makes it easy to get into and out of the toddler cape. And by closing the button you still have a warm toddler running around.
  • The push-buttons located under the arms help you make the beach poncho fit like a sweater. Press these buttons shut and let your kid jump on the bed or run around at the beach. Your child will be happy as can be in their poncho!
  • Happy Bathing!
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