Our Recycled Denim Collection is here!

👖 25% recycled denim / 🍃 75% Tencel
♻️ As sustainable as it gets! ♻️

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Thanks for sharing your denim!

We collected a whole lot of your jeans to create this collection. We’ve shredded your pre-loved denim jeans, spun them around Tencel(™), and, with these yarns, we made this new beautiful super-sustainable Recycled Denim Collection!

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The most sustainable bathing collection!
Made out of your pre-loved denim jeans

For a better world

We believe that if we produce something for the following generation, we have to create products in a durable way. We found out that, in Europe alone, we throw away 640.000.000 jeans a year. We can re-use denim jeans for our Recycled Denim Collection. Perfect!

Recycling denim is great because the material does not need planting, watering, or harvesting. The recycled denim also gives wicked colors to our yarn. You will find small coloured pieces of dark blue, red and yellow yarns that once were used for the seams of the jeans. No dying, no water, no chemicals. One problem we have, however, is that we can’t create material for our collection using recycled denim on its own. More about our denim recycling process

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Tencel(™) to the rescue!

Since we can’t create our new product with recycled denim alone, we created durable yarns by combining recycled denim with Tencel(™). Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees and absorbs 50% more water, dries faster than cotton materials, is anti-bacterial and produced in a climate-neutral way. All in all, we save up to 8000 liters of water per kilogram material! Read more about Tencel(™)

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A change of plans…

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans,” John Lennon famously sung. While we were busy collecting your jeans and making preparation to start crowdfunding our Recycled Denim Collection, this pesky COVID19 virus decided to show its face. Cancel our most sustainable product line ever? No way, sustainable innovation first!

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