Washcloths Recycled Denim

You will end up using these washcloths yourself, that’s how crazy soft they are. Especially with our new recycled denim & Tencel(™️) fabric. The Palais de l’eau washcloths come in a set of 3.

With the denim products, we utilise fibers from used jeans. The yarns come in an amazing denim color without us having to dye them. You can even find a spec of colour from an old denim seam in your Washcloth. No dying, no chemicals, check! And by reusing this material, we don’t have to burn/dispose of all our old jeans. Double the win!


3 washcloths included
material: 25% recycled denim and 75% Tencel(™️)
size: one size | all ages
dimension: 14 x 23 cm
colour: light denim with a possible spec of colour


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Our mission is to leave our footprint in the sand instead of a footprint on our planet. The next step in this mission is this new collection that’s made with the most sustainable yarns possible! The Recycled Denim Washcloths are made from 25% pre-loved recycled jeans and 75% Tencel(™).

Tencel is made from wood pulp from sustainable forestry and absorbs 50% more water, dries faster than cotton materials, is anti-bacterial and produced in a climate-neutral way. In combination with recycled denim, we save up to 8000 liters of water per kilogram in relation to 100% organic cotton. We’ve carefully selected a manufacturer in Portugal that produces our products up to our sustainable standards. While caring for generations to come, we contribute to a safe place for our kids to grow up and enjoy clean water to bathe in and play with. You can find all you need to know about how we make the most sustainable baby collection ever here.

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