Washcloths Recycled Denim

This set of 3 washcloths you will end up using not only for your child but also for yourself, that’s how soft they are! By using fibers from pre-loved denim jeans, the yarn gets a cool, denim color without having to dye them. You can even find small specks of a colored stitching in your towel. No dyes, no chemicals, check! And by reusing this material, we don’t have to burn/throw away your old jeans. Double win!


3 washcloths included
material: 25% recycled denim and 75% Tencel(™️)
size: one size | all ages
dimension: 14 x 23 cm
colour: light denim with a possible spec of colour


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We believe that when we produce something for the next generation, we have to do it in a sustainable way. We are taking the next step to achieve this goal with this new collection made from the most durable yarn ever made! The Recycled Denim Washcloths are made from 25% pre-loved denim jeans and 75% Tencel(™).

For your kids or a treat for yourself?

  • Made from 25% pre-loved denim jeans and 75% Tencel(™), 100% sustainable, super soft and nothing but love!
  • A set of three, so why not procure yourself one? 😉

We are extremely happy with our Portuguese fabrics producer as their way of producing is totally aligned with Palais de l’eau’s ideals. All the water required for the production of our Recycled Denim Washcloths is filtered and reused and all used energy is generated by solar panels. Furthermore, the entire production chain is fair, which means that it is free from child labor, discrimination, excessive working hours and is safe. In conclusion, the use of recycled pre-loved jeans in combination with Tencel to create unique yarns results in the most sustainable Washcloths (from the recycled denim collection) ever made. Let’s leave footsteps in the sand, not on our planet!