Baby Towel Vintage Pink

Keep your baby warm and safe in your arms after a soothing bath. The Baby Towel also efficiently keeps you dry (no more getting soaking wet!) while bathing your little one and makes bathing simply an easy and fun experience. Our towels are made by hand in Portugal where our high standards on sustainability are met with the selection of materials and ways of production. The Palais de l’eau Baby Towel is a great gift for any (new) parent. Super-soft and 100% organic.


Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Size: one size | 0 – 24 months
Dimension: 120 x 100 cm
Colour: vintage pink | vintage pink waves


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We are extremely happy with our Portuguese fabrics producer as their way of producing is totally aligned with Palais de l’eau’s ideals. The hooded baby towel by Palais de l’eau is hand-made in Portugal from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton as a material has many advantages. It isn’t only softer but also free of chemicals and produced in a sustainable way. But the certificate stands for more than a sustainable production chain. Your entire production chain must also be fair, which means that it is free from child labor, discrimination, excessive working hours and is safe. In this way, we guarantee that the baby bath towel is 100% responsible and sustainable.

how to use Palais de l'eau

How to use your Baby Towel

  • Start by buttoning the Baby Towel behind your neck. Voila, preparation is done!
  • Give your baby a relaxing bath. This will be a relaxing experience for the both of you, as it’s impossible to get wet yourself and you know your baby bath towel is close and ready to use at any moment of your choice.
  • Take your little one from the tub and put him/her safely against your chest where it’s warm and snug.
  • When your kid is dry, carefully unbutton the bath cape and place your happy baby all wrapped up in the organic cotton baby towel on the changing mat or bed.
  • Happy Bathing!
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