Raw Cotton Toddler Cape

We are so excited about the Raw Cotton Toddler Cape! A super soft toddler poncho that is produced in the most natural way. We spin organic raw cotton directly from the laundry. This ensures a beautiful, organic white color. No bleaching, no dyeing! Perfect to keep your little one dry after a shower, a dip in the pool or a dive in the ocean. This poncho will be your and your toddlers’ favorite for many years!


Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Size: one size | toddler 12 – 48 months
Dimension: 72 x 55 cm
Colour: natural white


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Palais de l’eau’s Raw Cotton Toddler Cape is spun directly from the laundry. Since it is not us but the cotton plant that determines the color, it is possible that two products differ from each other in tonality. You may also come across a spec of a cotton seed here and there. It doesn’t get more natural or any softer than that!

  • 47% water savings 💧
  • 51% less electricity use ⚡
  • 54% less CO2 emissions ☁️

We are extremely happy with our Portuguese fabrics producer as their way of producing is totally aligned with Palais de l’eau’s ideals. All the water required for the production of our Raw Cotton Toddler Cape is filtered and reused and all used energy is generated by solar panels. Furthermore, the entire production chain is fair, which means that it is free from child labor, discrimination, excessive working hours and is safe. Let’s leave footsteps in the sand, not on our planet!

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