Baby Bath Time: 5 best tips for giving your baby a bath 1
Tips 19 Jun 2019

Baby Bath Time: 5 best tips for giving your baby a bath

The first couple of times you’ll give your baby a bath can be very scary. But don’t fret, with these tips you’ll be enjoying giving your baby a bath in no time!

1 – Everything in its right place

Okay, this might be redundant information but it’s still very important. You have to make sure that you have everything within hand’s reach when bathing your baby. So, make a checklist the first couple of times to make sure you have everything you need because never, ever want to leave your baby in the bath because you forgot something.

2 – Don’t bathe too much

You can start giving your baby baths after the umbilical area has healed. During the first year of your baby’s life, however, you don’t want to give it more than three baths a week. Giving your baby a bath too often can dry out the skin and until your baby learnt to crawl around and get into a real mess, it isn’t really necessary to give it a bath, anyway.

Baby Bath Time: 5 best tips for giving your baby a bath 2

3 – Temperature is everything

You might think the most important thing is the water temperature, while giving your baby a bath. Well, that’s right, it’s really important, but the room temperature also counts. You want to make sure the room temperature is raised so it isn’t a shock to the baby’s system when you take her from the bath. As for the water temperature, it should be a little warmer than lukewarm (check with your hand and wrist).

4 – Stay calm and enjoy

Bathing can be a scary experience for both the baby and the parent if you panic. So, try and stay calm and enjoy the experience. Some babies love taking a bath and will be calm and peaceful, let them linger in the bath and enjoy it. Others, however, might not enjoy baths that much. In these cases, a bath doesn’t have to take longer than five minutes. In general, giving your baby a bath can be a magical experience that should be enjoyed thoroughly, which brings us to the last tip…

Baby Bath Time: 5 best tips for giving your baby a bath 3

5 – Use our Baby Towel!

It’s designed especially to make a baby’s bath easier, so why not? Not only will it make you enjoy bathing your baby more, but it also helps with our third tip (temperature). As soon as your baby is close and dry against your body, you’ll find out what a magical experience bathing your baby can be. So, if you haven’t ordered one already, you can pick your favourite colour, right here!

Baby Bath Time: 5 best tips for giving your baby a bath 4

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Baby Bath Time: 5 best tips for giving your baby a bath 5

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